Breaking ground…..

Originally reported 1/17/2014. Moving along as scheduled, construction for the building where the engine 1702 will be housed during restoration, has begun.

Clearing the landUpdates from our shop:

The building site and surrounding land has been cleared and the location of the building has been staked off.  The building location was moved slightly to the east to allow for clearance of an existing sewer line. The new turnout (switch assy.) that our MOW Dept. will use to create the steam shop access spur has been ordered and will be here and installed off an existing siding in one month. The steel building is scheduled to arrive on 1/30 – 1/31 and all the concrete reinforcing re bar and j-bolt have been bent and are ready for install in the building’s footer.Land clearing complete

Final site preps have been put on hold due to excessive rain and the freezing
and thawing of the earth. Frozen or muddy earth is impossible to surface or excavate. So, until the weather breaks we are on hold. The excavating equipment is being kept on site for use immediately whenever there is a day that permits proper excavation.

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