Restoration Project to welcome Project Manager!

Great Smoky Mountains Railroad has been working closely with Swain County to insure that the most qualified and experienced steam experts are involved with the 1702 restoration. Swain County has entered into an agreement with Mr. Steven  D. Jackson of Durango, Colorado. Jackson is currently the Vice president of Mechanical Operations for American Heritage Railways (AHR) and Chief Mechanical Officer of the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. He has an extensive background in railroad engineering and mechanics. Prior to joining the AHR family Jackson worked with the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad. 

Jackson will serve as Project Manager for the purpose of Restoring to Operation Locomotive #1702. He will provide oversight of any sub-contractors and will review and recommend necessary restoration processes consisting of the including but not limited to the constructing the boiler, fire box and running gear.

Jackson will provide technical support and training during the restoration process to advise of best practices for future operation of Locomotive #1702. He will serve as the point of contact with outside organizations and will provide diagrams, data and information to support the needs and goals of Swain County and the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad.

GSMR is excited to welcome Jackson to the team! 

3 responses

  1. Welcome, Mr. Jackson. May your project go smoothly and the results be amazing to behold! Good luck to you, sir!

  2. If gsmr is doing all these projects, what about restoring the line at the bottom of topton hill to Andrews, so train service can be restored that was a beautiful ride but it no longer runs up there, and what about the restoration of engine 722 and the other steam loco they got. Every year we used to get together for the photo special train ride from Bryson to Andrews that was some good memories, a little festival would be waiting for us in the town of Andrews wwhen the train arrived, bring those memories back, if you need help with fund raising I can surely help.

    1. Adam – thank you for your enthusiasm! We are focusing on one project at a time and the restoration of engine 1702 is our focus point at this time. The first phase of this project was to build a structure to house the engine during restoration. Now that the building is complete the engine can be relocated inside and prepped for the restoration work!

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