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Original Diagrams

Here are 2 fantastic pieces on the #1702. Original diagrams for the locomotive and tender. Last revision date was December 4, 1945! Note that the first diagram is only referencing to the tender and the second references to the locomotive only.

Tender 1702

Locomotive 1702

Happy Friday!

On this cold and rainy Friday we are so thankful for the nice and dry steam shop! It’s been a great few weeks with lots of cleaning and “de-rustification” happening! Noticeable changes are beginning to become evident with the look of 1702! Brian and Marshal have been doing a bit of welding work on the flue sheet. Making sure the holes are cleaned up and ready for the flues and fire tubes. We welcomed our new steam mechanic Joe to the team! This week he has been working on Joe Stewartremoving rust from the reverse gears. He is tediously taking small parts from the engine and working on them piece by piece. The side rods and the main rods have also been removed to prep for their detailed cleaning.  Small parts are starting to shine again!

Say hello to Joe!


Welding…welding…and more welding.

The winter season hasn’t slowed down the restoration process thanks to the fantastic inside working space that the new steam shop has provided. In all elements of weather that we have had, our guys have steadily continued………to weld! That’s right, 3 months later and the tedious process of welding is still in action. In fact a rough estimate of over 300lbs of rods have been used during the stay bolts welding work.

There is a light at the end of this tunnel as the shop estimates only a few more weeks are left in this phase. Already the crosshead is beginning to be cleaned and polished for the next phase of work! Stay tuned for photos to come!