The Final Staybolt!

Exciting news from the steam shop! After months and months of work the FINAL STAYBOLT was completed! The last of the 1,175 staybolt was finished this past Tuesday and the guys were certainly excited to check that task off the list!

Here are some videos courtesy of Brian and Marshall.

There has been great progress with the tender. The inside has been cleaned and prepped for paint. The air and steam gauges have been sent off to be calibrated, and it will be prepped for a new wheel set. Pressure testing was completed and it passed with no leaks!


Say hello to Tony and Eli! These guys have been working on the compressor. It has been stripped and the cylinders have been honed. They are checking the gauges in the compressor to make sure they are still round. The valves have been measure determined the clearances.



The tubes and flues were delivered from Germany. Next expected to be delivered are the ferrules, which are the copper rings that are placed around the tubes and flues to seal.

IMG_4888 IMG_4890

Also arrived are the new injectors. The power reverse has been removed for cleaning and it was tested last week – it’s good to go!

IMG_4889        IMG_4891

The shop received a flue roller from our sister railroad D&SNGRR. This will be used to install the flues, which should begin next month!



Buddy has begun working on the cab carpentry. New beadboard will be replaced throughout the interior. The exterior has received some deserved attention. A lot of the rough patches and holes are being filled in, welded or bonded over to create a new fresh and smooth surface.



Our last exciting arrivals are the builder plates! These are casts of the original plates, and will be one of the final pieces placed on the engine before it’s set to return to the rails!


6 responses

  1. I am very impressed on your progress. I am also surprised that you found most of the parts after all years of it apart.
    Keep up the great work. And send more photos.

  2. Is there an anticipated completion date? We live in Wisconsin and would like to visit again when steam is live.

    1. Hi Bob! We are looking at a summer return date! Once we finalize our schedule it will be announced on our website, Facebook and this blog as well!

  3. I have truly enjoyed watching the progress on #1702 via emails! As a engineer and fireman on #1702 when it was on the FEVR railroad, this engine holds a special place in my heart! I am extremely happy to see it being “brought back from the dead”…I saw pictures of it sitting disassembled, and wondered if it would ever be put back together again. Kudos to all of the crew involved in the restoration of this locomotive. I especially enjoyed the picture of the builders plates copies. As I may have told you before, the original builders plates were also copied when FEVR had it…some of our founding members worked at Magnus Metal, and they sand cast copies of the original plates. The first casting had a few flaws, and so they cast a second set, but I ended up with the flawed copy of the round builders plate, and it sits in my basement to this day!

  4. Looking Good. Thank You for the update.

  5. Nice job so far!! As a train geek, I love it!!

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