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A Home Away From Home

Steam locomotives like 1702 require constant maintenance and care during their regular operation, this gives little to no time to make the sixteen-mile run back to our steam shop for servicing. To help assure that 1702 is properly cared for, a new steam shed has been constructed next to the turntable in Bryson City. The steam shed will allow for the locomotive to be stored under cover while being serviced and awaiting future excursions. Construction was led by Tom Falicon, the shed measures seventy-five feet in length, forty feet wide, and nearly thirty feet tall. 1702 will be on display each evening following the day’s steam excursions.

To view 1702’s 2017 calendar, click: HERE

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It’s Boiler Wash Time!

We have many people ask what happens when 1702 is not operating, here is your answer!

An important step each month in the caring for a steam locomotive is a boiler wash. Having a regularly scheduled boiler wash ensures that a locomotive boiler is free from all corrosion and scaling, which if left uncleaned could over time deteriorate the boiler and lead to damage.

The first steps in a boiler wash are emptying the boiler and removing the brass washout plugs. High-pressure water is then sprayed through special tools to clean the interior of the boiler and smokebox. It is not a clean job, but our steam guys love taking care of 1702.

A new tool box was added to the front of the tender last week, this will help with in-cab-maintenance/repairs while the locomotive is in motion.  1702 is scheduled to run the Tuckasegee River Excursion on July 6th, come take a ride or stop by and say hello!

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