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February Photo’s

Here are a few photos from last month’s progress! A lot of the focus has shifted to completing the stay bolt work on top of the engine and continuing to polish the main and side rods.

An engine lathe has been moved into position at the shop allowing for the machining of parts to begin.

Progress Continues!

Western builders made great progress on our new steam shop building this week.  They finished up on the siding and insulation on all walls and have made headway on putting the roof on so the building can be in the dry.  After the roof is finished then they can proceed on interior work such wiring and more insulation.


As far as the 1702 is concerned we started cutting on the backhead of the boiler so we can get ready to begin the boiler check.  We also marked a grid layout on the firebox and boiler so that we can check the thickness of the metal.  We have to determine the thickness of the metal before we can proceed with the restoration!