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The guys at the steam shop have been hard at it, as usual. A good majority of the work has been focused on trying to prep and clean for the coming work. Tim and Marshal have been inside the Tender working on the removal of the old layers of epoxy with a needle scaler. In some places the epoxy can be at least a quarter of an inch thick.

Brian has focused on scaling the cylinder and valve body cover, cleaning it up and removing rust.

Joe has been working with the engine lathe making boiler studs and mud rings.

A few various spare parts have been brought into the shop to be lapped and cleaned. Focusing on the blower, Marshal was able to diagram the plan for its rebuild.

The guys were sporting their new Full Steam Ahead t-shirts! Looks like they are pretty proud of them! These brand new shirts hit our merchandise shelves last week and are hot sellers. If you can’t physically make it to our GSMR retail store you can order yours by calling 828-488-5200.

The turntable project is moving along nicely as well. Here is a report from the Project Manager, Tom Falicon:

The contract excavating crew has been working tirelessly and flawlessly to excavate the site. The father and son team are perfectionists and are really producing some fantastic attention to detail work! The approximate depth of the bottom of the turntable pit has been reached. All that is left is to excavate deeper for the outer ring wall and center pivot foundations and structures.

The east slope of the site has been reduced so it will be easier for observers to walk up to the turntable observation area.
An access road has been cleared that will serve as the main access for the steam engine tool/service truck. The road will allow the service vehicles to pull right up alongside the inspection pit with tools and supplies for the servicing of #1702. Silt/mud fencing has been installed around each mountain of dirt and in other key areas. With last week’s rain there were no signs of muddy run-off.

Deep excavation for the concrete structures is well underway and the 19 piles have been cut to their proper height. The re-bar for the center pivot area was delivered last week and the outer ring wall re-bar steel is in Asheville and ready to be delivered as soon as it is needed. The Steel forms for both concrete pours are expected to arrive within the first weeks of May.

February Photo’s

Here are a few photos from last month’s progress! A lot of the focus has shifted to completing the stay bolt work on top of the engine and continuing to polish the main and side rods.

An engine lathe has been moved into position at the shop allowing for the machining of parts to begin.

Happy Friday!

On this cold and rainy Friday we are so thankful for the nice and dry steam shop! It’s been a great few weeks with lots of cleaning and “de-rustification” happening! Noticeable changes are beginning to become evident with the look of 1702! Brian and Marshal have been doing a bit of welding work on the flue sheet. Making sure the holes are cleaned up and ready for the flues and fire tubes. We welcomed our new steam mechanic Joe to the team! This week he has been working on Joe Stewartremoving rust from the reverse gears. He is tediously taking small parts from the engine and working on them piece by piece. The side rods and the main rods have also been removed to prep for their detailed cleaning.  Small parts are starting to shine again!

Say hello to Joe!


Sparks Fly!

Things are moving right along at the GSMR steam shop! The guys are preparing for a few days of sandblasting that will follow at the end of this week. The work has been focused on cutting the overhead crown bolts from the internal wrapper sheets, along with washing the rivets. Equipment has begun to arrive, ready to be put to use as everything moves forward. Enjoy these few photo snaps of the work in action along with some great interior shots!

Meet Brian, Roger, and Marshall!

Meet Brian, Roger, and Marshal!

Exterior Shot 2Engine Body


Front viewInterior

Interior ShellExterior Shell

1702 Housing Structure Update

As of 3/28/14 – Update from the GSMR Shop:

ImageThe concrete work has been progressing nicely despite the numerous delays due to excessive cold and frequent rain storms. All three footer pours have been completed and 100 feet of rail with steel flangeways has been installed and attached to the 18” X 10’ X 100’ footer that runs through the center of the structure. The final concrete pour will consist of the entire floor surface and outer footers. ImageThe weather for this upcoming week looks like it will be cooperating with us and we may have the floor forms and steel reinforcing mesh in place and the floor area ready to be poured. The final pour should take place shortly after that.
Following the floor pour, as soon as the concrete hardens enough to work on, vertical I-beams will be erected and our steam shop will start taking shape for the home of 1702’s rebuild.